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Ted V Mikels - The Blood Orgy of the She-Devils
Mara, who is a “black” witch well versed in the occult and black magic,
leads a covern of voluptuous and beautiful young women, who practice
their S&M arts upon helpless victims in a dance of death they know
as life. Human male sacrifices are butchered slowly to satiate the blood
lust and evil desires of these women from hell.

OUR PRICE :: DVD -- £10.99

Ted V Mikels - The Corpse Grinders

On a clandestine visit to the factory they meet the management team
from Hell, Landau and Matby. Their fears are justified when they see
the blood stained power saws and chopping blocks; the foul stanching
cauldrons, and appalling grinder which transforms cadaverous flesh
into the cats’ favourtie snack.

OUR PRICE :: DVD -- £10.99

Man Who Lived at the Ritz
Paris under the Nazis. Our hero is an American art student at the Ritz
Hotel. Suddenly he is trapped by German occupation and finds the
over-run by Nazis. Tom between his desire to keep his room at his
Goering requistion Frances' priceless art treasures.....

OUR PRICE :: DVD -- £9.99


Legends of Tennis
A fascinating insight into life behind the scenes in the tennis world. Major
tennis stars such as Fred Perry, Rod Laver, Ilie Nastase and Yanik Noah
amongothers, are interviewed and offer their views on the past and present
state of the game.

OUR PRICE :: DVD -- £13.99


The Very Best Of Barbara Currie - DVD Edition

Yoga is the exercise system for the 21st century. A new concept in keep fit created for the busy woman, it provides stress relief and keeps the body young and supple. Barbara is a prime example of how yoga can keep the effects of ageing to a minimum. Here she shows us some of her favourite age-beating exercises.

A special edition DVD of THE VERY BEST OF BARBARA CURRIE, this programme is a compilation of the three of Barbara Currie's top videos including: YOGA POWER, SHAPE UP WITH BARBARA CURRIE and STAY YOUNG WITH BARBARA CURRIE.


African Odyssey
Blazing sunsets, vast landscapes, scorching desserts, waterfalls, mountains and palm-fringed beaches all go to make up this exquisite wildlife series featured on the Discovery TV channel

DVD -- £9.99

Wayne Dobson
This year's double party-winner featuring Wayne Dobson includes a bonus programme from the hit TV show 'Big Break, John Virgo's tricks, tips, quips and clips'. TV star Wayne Dobson who recently resigned from the magic circle reveals here for the first time some of the cons and tricks of the card sharp and some of the scams of the professional trickster.

DVD -- £9.99


Temptation Island
Take four devoted young couples and transport them to an exotic island. When they get there, separate them for twelve days by sending them off to opposite ends of this paradise in the sun.

Then, for good measure, surround the male partners with 13 beautiful, single, bikini-clad 'temptresses' and the women with 13 gorgeous, square jawed guys, each hand-picked to test their fidelity to the absolute limit.

£9.75, DVD -- £12.75

Smash Karaoke Party Hits - DVD Edition

Smash Karaoke Party Hits features backing tracks with easy to read On-Screen-Lyrics. Every night is Top Of The Pops party night with Smash Karaoke Party Hits. The newest and most up to date karaoke tracks brought to you in this unique series. Invite your friends to your own Smash Karaoke Party Hits party and look out for Volume 16 coming soon.

DVD -- £12.99

Extreme Bloopers

Highly entertaining programme of bloopers including some painful and often embarrassing mistakes from the world of extreme sports such as snowboarding, windsurfing, mountain biking and more.

VIDEO -- £10.99

Bernie Nolan's new CD as performed in the popular TV series 'The Bill'

OUR PRICE :: CD -- £3.99


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