The Sound And Vision Group (SVG) is a major Licensing Company with a catalogue of superior masters available for licensing. SVG have a wide range of masters with a wide range of usages from Budget to Full Price and Television Advertised product. There is a wide range of music in the SVG catalogue including Pop, Rock, Jazz, Country, Blues, Instrumentals, Classical, Irish and World Music.

SVG also has specialised individual catalogues for Blues, Jazz, Classical, Country, Christmas and Irish. Please ask for a copy should you be looking at specific projects in these areas.

If there is a specific song or artist not featured in this catalogue that you require, please let us know and due to our extensive contacts SVG may be able to find it for you.

If required SVG can offer advice on compilations and concepts to suit your release plans.

No implication of ownership of copyright or other right of any kind is made or may be inferred by the listing of titles in this catalogue. Availability of such titles is dependant on any pre-existing contractual provisions that may affect exclusivity and/or territorial or other availability. The inclusion of any particular title herein (which
inclusion may be discontinued at any
time without notice) does not constitute any representation nor contractual offer nor an offer of any description, and all communications and/or negotiations
in relation thereto are subject
to formal written contract.

SVG offers major masters from major catalogue and SVG looks forward to working with you soon.

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