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Screen Sizes Available

       - 1920 x 1080 panel

       - Touch Screen Table


HAN L46HD2                  
       - 1080 x 1920 panel


       - 1080 x 1920 panel
       - Touch Screen


- 1080 x 1920 panel

- 1080 x 1920 panel
       - Touch Screen


LCD "L" Series Freestanding Digital Posters
The "L" series of HD LCD Freestanding Digital Posters are designed to be a complete solution for customer information. They are commercial grade professional LCD Video Monitors with LED Backlight technology and an integrated Full HD USB "Plug and Play" Media player. This means they require no additional hardware such as PC or DVD player. Additional interfaces are available if required making them perfect for multiple applications but in particular digital signage.

These LCD monitors are available in three sizes. A landscape 42" "table style" freestanding infrared touch screen unit (HAN L42HD-T) and portrait mounted  46" and 55" units with or without an infrared touch screen. They all accept VGA and HDMI video inputs.

The Touch screen versions use infrared 6-point technology which makes them perfect for use in public locations because a finger, gloved-hand or stylus can be used as a pointer.

These displays have a button-less tempered glass face which provides a sleek elegance and include rounded corners, a super thin profile (8cm) and aluminium frame, which all add to their eye catching “tablet like” aesthetics.

All monitors in the range have:

  • An internal power timer to turn off the unit in the hours it's not required,
  • A built in smart temperature control system
  • Dual speakers
  • Integrated "Plug and Play" USB media player
  • Secure input compartment
  • Scheduling Software
  • IR Remote Control

As mentioned, these displays have an integrated Full HD USB "Plug and Play" Media player which enables local control of the display. We can also offer a WiFi enabled (All-In-One) Network Version of these monitors that are able to connect to the internet through our cloud based CMS ( Content management system) allowing updating of all the connected screens or individual screens.

Some of the ideal environments for this range include retail locations like supermarkets, department stores, showrooms and shopping centres as well as Banks, gyms, train/bus stations, travel and estate agents, hospitals, museums, exhibition displays, cinemas, conference halls, hotel lobbies and reception areas.

Please contact us for further detail, price and availability.