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Screen Sizes Available

HAN TL49H6 Monitor
     - 1920 x 1024 panel
     - Bezel size 3.5 mm (max)
     - Brightness is


HAN TL46H5 Monitor
     - 1920 x 1024 panel
     - Bezel size 5.5 mm (max)
     - Brightness is

HAN TL55H4 Monitor
     - 1920 x 1080 panel
     - Bezel size 5.5mm (max)
     - Brightness is

HAN TL55H5 Monitor
     - 1920 x 1080 panel
     - Bezel size 5.5mm (max)
     - Brightness is

LCD "TL" Series Video Wall Monitors

The LCD "TL" series monitors are commercial grade professional LCD Video Monitors with LED Backlight technology manufactured for use as part of a video wall. For large scale digital signage solutions a video wall can be the smart choice. With their narrow bezels, these displays can produce a virtually seamless wall making them perfect for use in numerous applications including Digital Signage (DOOH) advertising in retail, sports venues, airports, train stations, trade shows, museums, shopping malls, hotels etc.

These monitors are offered in three different sizes, 46”, 49" and 55”, have a wide 178° viewing angle and a powerful input interface supporting composite and component video, VGA, HDMI, DVI and RGB/HV signals. There is one model of the 46” and one of the 49" plus two of the 55”. The 46" unit has a brightness level of 700cd/mē and the 49" a reduced brightness at 500cd/mē. For the 55", one unit has a brightness level of 700cd/mē and the other a reduced brightness at 450cd/mē. The reduced brightness models are designed for use in CCTV control rooms, where reduced ambient lighting is employed.

Using the latest DID technology these displays can be used in landscape and portrait mode The built in ECO friendly power timer allows for a reduced power usage in those hours when the display is not required. However, they also have a built in smart temperature control system, allowing them to be in constant use.

All versions of the monitors include and integrated video matrix processor that enables a wall of up to 5 x 5 screens to operate without an external controller. However, if a more complicated display arrangement is required, we are also able to offer a suitable Video Wall Controller.


            Video Wall Controller                   


Please contact us for further detail, price and availability.